For the Love of Denim

Tom Wood X Kelly H 07

For our AW18 collection we have collaborated with denim addict Kelly Harrington (@kellouhar) to develop a small capsule of creative outtakes on denim. Kelly’s fashion career spans nearly two decades and during that time she has become highly regarded in the fashion industry as a vintage archivist and trend forecaster.

With Tom Wood Denim we obviously need to experiment and innovate. Kelly was the perfect partner for our AW18 project, due to her skills, passion and personal style.
— Morten Isachsen

With a shared love affair for Japan and denim, a collaboration with Kelly was inevitable. Kelly lives, breaths, walks and talks denim and indigo blue. Her individual style and enthusiasm for what she does make her a true creative visionary. We are very proud to present the collaborated capsule coming out this fall.

How did your love for denim emerge?
— My love for denim emerged as a teenager where I would never get rid or throw away my denim pieces. Much of what I collected as a teenager I still have today, like my trusty Levis trucker jacket that I was given for my 19th birthday and my teenage jeans are now a pair of shorts which I can just about still fit into. Denim is timeless and gets better with age, it tells a story about the wearer. I like to mix vintage, designer and quirky denim together. Denim has always been a part of my wardrobe and a part of my life. 

What was your inspiration for the capsule collection with Tom Wood? 
— The capsule collection I designed with Tom Wood is basically like my denim fantasy wardrobe. The pieces I wished I had hanging in my closet. I have taken inspiration from my global travels and my vintage archive to create my ultimate capsule collection with a Kelly Harrington twist. Many of the pieces are inspired from my love of Japan as I collect Hanten jackets, kimonos and old boro jackets. I’ve reinterpreted these items in a modern way with button details and zippers. The items of the collection are also named after friends or members of my family, like the Jeanette Hanten is named after my mum.

During the process of developing the collection, what is your most memorable moment?
— The whole experience for me has been a dream come true. This collection really reflects me and my personality. I think my most memorable moment was receiving the first samples and the team at Tom Wood trying them all on. It was so amazing to see the collection from my initial ideas to development and then see it walk down the runway in Oslo.

If you had to pick one, what would be your favorite style from the collection?
— I think the Demi pocket bag, because it’s so unique, or the modern Jeanette Hanten jacket. 

What is your best denim styling tip?
— Don’t be afraid to experiment! Wear what makes you feel good, and lastly double and triple denim is totally acceptable in my eyes. 

What is your favorite shade of blue?
— I have two. I like deep indigo blue and Pantone 18-3949 dazzling blue.

Last but not least: Do you ever wear anything other than denim? If so what is your guilty fashion pleasure?
— My guilty fashion pleasure is handbags! I love Mini Prada bags and purses. I wear a lot of camouflage, and vintage army wear. Sportswear leggings and oversized hoodies are a must when I’m traveling. Sometimes you may even see me in a dress that’s not denim! Having said that you probably see me in denim 6 days out of 7, at least! 

Fun Facts

Nickname: Kittens and Smelly Kelly (by my 3 year old niece) 

Style icon: Birgitte Bardot and Paul Newman 

Star Sign: Aries

Song: Where the Wild Roses Grow — Nick Cave

The capsule collection I designed with Tom Wood is basically like my denim fantasy wardrobe.
 — Kelly Harrington

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