The First Project

Cushion Polished Hand

A small story about our first project, and how different skills put together can make some real magic. 

In 2010 Mona and Morten got married. Mona had never been into jewelry before, and didn't really like to wear a traditional wedding ring. By luck Morten found some vintage silver rings, both were men sizes - but Mona and Morten decided to use them as their wedding rings. The rings had the shape of traditional signet rings - once used by kings of ancient times who engraved their family crest on the table top. 

These wedding rings became the inspiration to Tom Wood`s first collection. 

In 2012 Mona decided to start her own brand, Tom Wood. After a few months of thinking and testing some production of the first ring prototypes, she got in touch with Conrad Langaard. 

Conrad Langaard is the founder and owner of Juvelér Langaard - a renowned jeweler in downtown Oslo, who has vast experience from working with exquisite jewelry. 

Coming from totally different backgrounds, Conrad and Mona found a common interest in sharing their ideas and knowledge based on their different expertise.  

One of Juvelér Langaard’s employees, Melanie Schreiner, is a talented jewelry designer and has the capability to make excellent hand drawings. She became a fantastic source when shaping the first signet rings in our collection.  

Based on Mona´s inspiration and brief, Melanie shaped The Cushion, The Shield and The Oval. She also hand carved a wax version of The Cushion, giving real life to her drawings. 

Mona continued to work on the final outcome of the rings with modified 3D drawings, making it possible to print wax models and finally to cast the first prototypes. 

In December 2012 Mona got her hands on the very first rings. The rings were carefully produced by a small family factory in Thailand, a country well known for their high quality silver production. 

Mona´s fascination for historical jewelry has continued to be a strong driver and inspiration. Since then the Tom Wood collection has expanded to include several versions of the signet ring, as well as bracelets, pendants, earpieces and more.

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