Flush Blue Lapis Circle

Photo credit: Calle Huth

Flush Blue Lapis Circle Hand
Flush Blue Lapis Circle Side

"Inspired by Colette's iconic blue logo, we made a ring looking like the midnight sky." 

— Mona Jensen, Creative Director

The Colette ring started out as a collaboration with Colette´s street boy, Enson. His label "Enswear" took the initiative to make a signature ring for Colette. For the unique drop at Colette we made two sizes of the ring, visualizing the logo emblem with two blue circles. 

This project inspired us to develop a new collection of bolder signet rings with a secret message inside: "Nuit et Jour" (day and night) - inspired by our long days and nights in Paris and Oslo. 

The ring is available at Collette and online now.

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