Arcade Forest

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Creative director: Ulrika Lundgren 

Photo credit: Duy Vo 

Styling: Jordy Huider 

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Arcade Forest as a project was very inspiring. By melting music, technology, design and fashion together into wearable garments, we challenged ourselves and pushed the limits. 

Morten Isachsen, Co-founder Tom Wood

The initial idea came from our friends at the award winning designstudio, Bleed. We asked them to develop a unique camouflage pattern for our Spring Summer collection 2016. The result became a graphical pattern, inspired by our logo, pixel graphics and old school Arcade games - therefor the project name Arcade Forest. 

By developing a custom made software, a final pattern was generated by translating sound waves from the Arcade Forest theme music. The music was produced by Césare, previously working with artists such as Daft Punk. 

The Arcade Forest capsule were made in soft Egyptian cotton, custom woven in Italy. The collection were launched in selected stores, January 2016.   

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